Special Black Friday Turnkey Podcast Deal for Estate Planning Attorneys

Turnkey Podcasting for Estate Planning Attorneys: Your Voice, Our Expertise

🎙️ Amplify Your Expertise, Minimize Your Effort 🎙️

Welcome to the future of personal branding and client engagement for Estate Planning Attorneys. We’re offering an exclusive, hassle-free podcasting solution tailored specifically for professionals like you. Our turnkey service includes a co-host, expert editing, and seamless integration across top podcasting platforms and your website. With us, you’re not just starting a podcast—you’re elevating your brand.

🌟 Black Friday Special: Jumpstart Your Podcasting Journey 🌟

This Black Friday, we’re making your entry into the podcasting world irresistible! Sign up now and commit to a one-year journey with us to enjoy:

  • No Onboarding Fee: We’re waiving our usual onboarding costs.
  • First Two Months Free: Begin your podcasting experience without any initial charges.
  • Total Savings of $2,000: An unmatched offer to kickstart your podcasting path.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24 Episodes in a Year: Consistently grow your audience with bi-monthly episodes.
  • Zero Hassle Content Creation: We provide you with engaging topics, so you spend less time preparing and more time shining. You only need to dedicate an hour per month of your time to execute your show!
  • Minimal Startup Cost: Your only investment? Basic podcasting equipment—we’ll guide you on what to get.
  • Expert Co-Hosting & Production: Quality assured at every step, from co-hosting to editing and distribution.

💼 Elevate Your Practice, Expand Your Reach 💼

Podcasting is more than a trend; it’s a powerful tool for thought leadership. Share your insights, connect with a wider audience, and establish your authority in the field of estate planning.

🚀 Ready to be Heard? Ready to save $2,000?

Join us for a year at just $499/month after your first two complimentary months. It’s more than a podcast; it’s your legacy in the making.

Don’t let this Black Friday offer pass you by. Embark on your podcasting journey with us and mark your place in the digital world.

Unlock this special deal by scheduling your free media consultation before December 22, 2023. We’re limiting this deal to only 20 attorneys, so act fast before someone else snags all the savings.

Why A Podcast?


A podcast is a great way to educate existing and prospective clients in your sales funnel with engaging content. You'll be able to increase awareness of the importance of estate planning and build trust and credibility along the way.


Let's be honest. Estate planning isn't the most exciting topic to most people. But podcasts are incredibly flexible and the perfect medium for telling stories and helping your listeners learn about such vital topics that impact their family's future. Leave listeners picturing themselves becoming your next success story.


Are you unable to consistently write new blogs and social media posts (look at the dates from your latest blog posts, does your business look like it's even still open)? Shoot, do you just hate writing? Use our podcast material and turnkey package to make it incredibly easy to produce ongoing content.


Is all of your marketing really templated? You have the same blog posts, website layout, and social media posts as a ton of other attorneys? Solve that problem with a podcast and get some great custom content to vary the look, feel, and way you communicate with your community.


"I feel like I already know you." Our clients hear that frequently during initial consultations from people who have listened to the podcast. Can you think of a better thing to hear to kick off your relationship with a new client?


OK, we'll keep it realistic. We're likely not turning you into the next Dave Ramsey or Joe Rogan, but having your own podcast comes with all sorts of intangibles. Increased credibility, becoming the go-to information source, trust building and yeah, a little star-power, are all side benefits of having your own show.

How It Works

Every month, we’ll give you two topics, listener questions and other relevant ideas to help you build out your episodes. It’ll save you hours of show prep. And, of course, you can also bring your own content and stories to the table. Oh, and did we mention that your content is prepared by a fellow, successful estate planning attorney?

We provide you with a co-host to help you get comfortable with the process and to enhance the conversational style of the show. This gives you someone with whom you can banter, interact and engage. It makes doing the show easy and more fun for you and the listener.

We’ll help you pick the best equipment for your situation. Most people get started with a high-quality microphone and headphones for around $300 total.

Our team will edit your episodes and eliminate the typical ums, ahs, mistakes & other distractions. We’ll mix all the elements together with custom music and liners to make it sound polished and professional.

We teach you best practices for sounding good on-air and looking good online and beyond.

We’ll make the podcast look great on your company website or on a custom podcast landing page we’ll build for you. And we’ll post each new episode for you.

Video Podcasting​

Audio podcasts are fantastic, but adding a visual component can enhance your show even more. We can discuss during your free consultation if adding video and building a YouTube channel is a good fit for your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

About an hour per month. Each episode is around 20 minutes in length and we tend to record both episodes with you in one session. So take a few minutes to prep for the show, then buckle in to record and that all amounts to about an hour. We do the rest of the work!

You own all the content you produce. We won’t hold your podcast accounts or files hostage should you decide to stop the service at any time.

Not mandatory. However, make sure you can hold yourself accountable to regularly recording episodes. A good portion of solo ventures die out after a few episodes vs. most of the people using our co-hosts are still going years after starting their shows. We can discuss in more detail during your consultation.

Of course. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’d be happy to figure out the perfect solution for you.

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send you a start-up checklist and begin working our way through that. We can go as fast as 1-2 weeks, but most people take about a month to get to the official launch.

Duh. Of course. In fact, we have a prettttty sweet way of thanking you if someone you refer becomes a client.

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