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Podcasts are a great way to showcase your expertise to potential buyers and sellers. They can help you build credibility and trust even before you’ve had a conversation with someone. And it’s a great way for savvy marketers to add to their digital efforts. Our process allows you to have all the benefits of a custom podcast with only a one hour per month time commitment. Find out more below or click the button to schedule a free consult!

Why A Podcast?


Wondering what to do with the leads and contact info of prospective clients who aren't quite ready to hire you? No time to manually follow up with them? A podcast is a great way to continue to educate those folks and to stay in front of them with regular, engaging content.


Podcasts are a great way to tell stories of success about your team, buyers and sellers. Explore the homebuying journey in an intimate format that'll leave listeners picturing themselves becoming your next success story.


How cool will it be when you're on a listing appointment telling your future client that you're going to feature their home on your podcast? Have a podcast is a great way to do some unique marketing to help you stand out in a competitive landscape.


Is all of your marketing really templated? You have the same blog posts, website layout, and social media posts as a ton of other agents? Solve that problem with a podcast and get some great custom content to vary the look, feel, and way you communicate with your community.


"I feel like I already know you." Our clients hear that frequently during listing appointments and buyer consultations from people who have listened to the podcast. Can you think of a better thing to hear to kick off your relationship with a new client?


OK, we'll keep it realistic. We're likely not turning you into the next Dave Ramsey or Joe Rogan, but having your own podcast comes with all sorts of intangibles. Increased credibility, becoming the go-to information source, trust building and yeah, a little star-power, are all side benefits of having your own show.

How It Works

Click through the various highlights to learn more about how our process works and what you typically get in a podcast package.

Every month, we’ll give you topics, listener questions, headlines, and lots of other feature ideas to help build out your episodes. It’ll save you countless hours of show prep. And, of course, you can also bring your own content and stories to the table.

We provide you with a co-host (optional) to help you get comfortable with the process and to enhance the conversational style of the show. This gives you someone with whom you can banter, interact and engage. It makes doing the show easy and more fun for you and the listener.

We’ll help you pick the best equipment for your situation. Some set up cost as little as $150 while high-end equipment can run $2,500 for a professional rig. We know how to find that balance of quality & affordability and will walk you through the entire process.

Our team will edit your episodes and eliminate the typical ums, ahs, mistakes & other distractions. We’ll mix all the elements together with custom music and liners to make it sound polished and professional.

We teach you best practices for sounding good on-air and looking good online and beyond.

We’ll make the podcast look great on your company website or on a custom podcast landing page we’ll build for you. And we’ll post each new episode for you. Most of our packages also include “show notes” recapping the episode and timestamping important parts of the show for listeners. This is great for SEO and creating a professional presentation for each episode.

Add-on the social media package and we’ll create episode art, a quote graphic, and highlight audiogram (video) of each episode and send it to you for posting on your social media accounts. This is great for spicing up your social pages with attractive, custom content. Need us to do the posting for you? Add-on the “done for you” package.


The below package reflects pricing for two episodes/month. This is the frequency we typically recommend to new podcasters. However, you can execute a weekly show or even swap in and out various elements of the package to create your own custom solution.


A comprehensive package to serve all your podcasting needs.
$ 999
  • CONTENT: Save hours on show prep. We provide you with ongoing topics, questions and ideas.
  • CO-HOST: An experienced co-host joins your show to help guide the conversation and handle the technical aspects of the recording.
  • PRODUCTION: Professional editing & mixing of each show.
  • SHOW NOTES: Our writers craft helpful show notes to recap & tease the episode. The notes are enhanced with timestamps highlighting important parts of the show along with links to the calls-to-action and resources you want to share with your audience. Transcriptions can also be added for $1.25/minute.
  • APPS & WEB: Each show is posted to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major apps. If desired, episodes are also posted to your website or podcast landing page.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We'll create social media content from each episode (typically episode art, a quote graphic, and an audiogram) and post it all to up to three social media platforms for you for additional exposure.
  • ADS: Organic growth is great, but with our top podcast package we'll also manage a monthly digital ad to help you reach new listeners and grow your audience. The package includes $100 in monthly ad spend!

Video Podcasting​

Audio podcasts are fantastic, but adding a visual component can enhance your show even more. If you want to do a video podcast, you can get everything in the above package (plus uploading your episodes to YouTube) for $1299/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

About an hour per month. Each episode is 15-20 minutes in length on average and we tend to record both episodes with you in one session. So take a few minutes to prep for the show, then buckle in to record and that all amounts to about an hour. We do the rest of the work!

You own all the content you produce. We won’t hold your podcast accounts or files hostage should you decide to stop the service at any time.

A weekly show takes a lot of commitment, which is why we recommend folks at least start with the bi-weekly frequency. You can always ramp up later. But if you really want to start with weekly, no problem. Contact us for a quote on what a weekly show would cost. We don’t recommend starting with a monthly show because it’ll take too long to build momentum and a library of episodes.

Not mandatory. However, make sure you can hold yourself accountable to regularly recording episodes. A good portion of solo ventures die out after a few episodes vs. most of the people using our co-hosts are still going years after starting their shows. We can discuss in more detail during your consultation.

Of course. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’d be happy to figure out the perfect solution for you.

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send you a start-up checklist and begin working our way through that. We’ll work toward a soft launch and then an official launch when the show is live on your website and ready to promote to the world. We can go as fast as 1-2 weeks, but most people take about a month to get to the official launch.

Duh. Of course. In fact, we have a prettttty sweet way of thanking you if someone you refer becomes a client.

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