Should I use a co-host for my podcast?

So you have a vision for your podcast but you aren't quite sure how to best present the show each episode. Would it be best to go solo or should you bring on a co-host to be a part of your podcasting journey.  

Whatever goals you have – education, entertainment, inspiration – let's talk about the benefits of flying solo versus having someone alongside to provide support. We'll take you inside our podcasting process and the discussions we have with clients who choose collaboration versus going at it alone. Find out what the benefits and hurdles are for each path. 


Here's what we discuss in the video: 

0:00 – Intro

3:45 – Benefits of having a professional co-host

8:52 – Finding your voice 

10:28 – Who is best fit for solo show?

13:57 – Challenges when going solo

20:55 – Why we offer co-hosting

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