Tips for Leveraging YouTube

More and more advisors are diving into video as part of their overall marketing plan and utilizing YouTube is a strategy we often hear about. Most of the move to video came on the heels of the COVID pandemic when everyone was forced to go virtual and get comfortable on camera, and that’s continued on. 

If you’ve thought about using YouTube or just want to better understand the platform, then this episode should help provide you with some of that information. We had a chance to spend a little time with Steve Sharp of Sharp Digital Marketing to discuss the best ways to leverage YouTube and explain why it’s a commitment to get started and keep it going. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode: 

  • If you go the video route, you have to be willing to commit.
  • How are financial advisors working YouTube in their marketing strategy? 
  • How to properly format your YouTube videos.
  • A story about an advisor that brought a client in after they watched videos on YouTube.

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