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Podcasting is a great way to educate clients and build credibility and trust with new prospects. But it can be a lot of work to execute a regular show. Our process allows you to have all the benefits of a custom video podcast or with only a one-hour-per-month time commitment. Find out more about the kind of content we create here at Third Wheel Media below!

The Benefits?


Wondering what to do with the leads and contact info of prospective clients who aren’t quite ready to hire you? No time to manually follow up with them? A podcast is a great way to continue to educate those folks and to stay in front of them with regular, engaging content.


Some of your most loyal listeners will be current clients. They enjoy continuing the education you initially provided them and the intimate nature of the podcast format subtly continues to build your client relationship. It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind with important contacts.


We’ve seen it over and over again. People who are in your sales funnel often watch & listen intensely to the podcast over a short period of time. They’ll consume 10, 20 or more episodes in a week or two leading up to their first consultation or between appointments.


Is all of your marketing really templated? You have the same blog posts, website layout, and social media posts as a ton of other advisors? Solve that problem with a podcast and get some great custom content to vary the look, feel, and way you communicate with the public.


“I feel like I already know you.” Our clients hear that frequently during first appointments with prospects who have watched and listened to the podcast. Can you think of a better thing to hear to kick off your first appointment?


OK, we’ll keep it realistic. We’re likely not turning you into the next Dave Ramsey or Joe Rogan, but having your own podcast comes with all sorts of intangibles. Increased credibility, becoming the go-to information source, trust building and yeah, a little star-power, are all side benefits of having your own show.

See What's Possible

With Third Wheel Media, you’re not just signing up for a podcast. You get a comprehensive package of versatile materials that can be repurposed across your website, social platforms, and more. Even though we’re turnkey, we still brand and customize all of your content around you and your firm. Keep scrolling to see what’s included in many of our packages.


Custom podcast logos that fit your vision


Podcast intros, commercials & outros tailor-made for you


Blog posts and podcast graphics added to your site


Highlight Videos, Episode Art, Quote Graphics, Audiograms & More


Your podcast is posted to YouTube with custom thumbnails, descriptions, calls-to-action, playlists, and more.


Watch the video below to learn more about the service and keep scrolling to learn more about our most popular video podcasting package that might just be the perfect fit for you.



Our video podcast package is quickly becoming the most popular choice for new clients, and one to which many of our current clients are upgrading.  

With this package, you’ll get…

 A weekly video podcast posted to YouTube, your website, an an audio version on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all the major podcasting apps

Short highlight videos to help your YouTube channel get additional exposure

Your episodes and highlight clips posted to your social media channels for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger

You get all of this and you only have to spend an hour of your time each month to execute the recordings.

Here’s how we make it so simple and what else is included…


If you’re a Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent, or Estate Planning Attorney then great news! We have monthly content ideas, specific to your industry, delivered to your email inbox. The content includes topics, scripted intros, and suggested bullet points to make recording your podcasts a breeze. And, of course, you can always use your own material as well.


Not comfortable tackling a podcast solo? With TWM, you get a co-host to help interview you and manage the recordings.


We edit out mistakes, add music, graphics, create a thumbnail and other needed creative elements to finalize the polished video.


We’ll post your show to YouTube, your website, and all the important podcast apps like Apple & Spotify. Each video includes an effective headline, a well-written description with timestamps/chapters and links to resources you want to share with the audience.


Getting started, as with many things in life, is the hardest part for a lot of people when they want to create a video podcast, YouTube Channel and engaging content for their website. Our onboarding process will simplify everything to help get you to launch day.

Click the blue graphics to see what’s included…

Equipment Guidance: We'll help you pick out the right equipment for your podcasting goals, help you set it up, and fine tune your style and presentation with recommendations on your background, lighting, and more.

Brainstorming: Not sure what to call your show? During onboarding, you'll have a dedicated launch specialist to help you brainstorm the show's name, style, logo design, and more. We'll walk alongside you through the whole process.

Creative Elements & Styling: Our team will build out your custom video podcast with a logo, graphics, an intro, theme music, and more...

YouTube, Optimized: We'll setup your YouTube page or optimize your existing one with a fresh header, useful playlists and all the proper backend settings.

Podcast Landing Page: We'll design a landing page on your website to highlight your episodes and make sure your show is distributed to all the major podcasting apps.


Our one-time onboarding fee is $999.

The ongoing investment in our comprehensive video podcasting package is $1,500/month.

We run specials throughout the year, so be sure to ask about discounts you might qualify for during your free consultation!


Looking for an audio-only podcast? Want to customize our service? We can accommodate most special requests, including helping individuals who aren’t a fit for our turnkey financial advisor, estate planning, and real estate services. Just ask during your free consultation.


Schedule your free consultation.

We'll discuss your goals, needs and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The nuts & bolts are the same, but the quantity and style of the episodes is what’s different. The video package includes 4 shows per month with a target length of about 5-10 minutes per episode. The audio podcast package includes 2 shows per month with a target length of 20 minutes per episode. The audio-only service is also less expensive.

With our turnkey formula, about an hour per month. Add a few extra minutes if you like to prep before the show.

We have a lot of experience working with various compliance departments to make sure your show is good to go. After submitting a show to compliance, if it needs changes, no problem. We’ll make any necessary edits and resubmit before finalizing the show to your website.

You own all the content you produce. We won’t hold your podcast accounts or files hostage should you decide to stop the service at any time.

Not mandatory. However, make sure you can hold yourself accountable to regularly recording episodes. A good portion of solo ventures die out after a few episodes vs. most of the people using our co-hosts are still going years after starting their shows. We can discuss in more detail during your consultation.

Most people take 4-6 weeks to go through the onboarding process and get to the launch of the show. We try to take the start-up process one bite at a time so it doesn’t overwhelm you and take away important time from running your business.

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