Turnkey Radio For Financial Advisors & Real Estate Agents

Radio is an amazing way to bring new prospects into your business while also bumping up your credibility, celebrity, and visibility in your community. Although turnkey, your show will sound completely custom and feature your voice throughout. We take away all the burdens of producing a weekly show and make it incredibly easy to execute and profit from your program. Find out more below or click the button to schedule a free consult!

Why Radio?


We've crafted great calls-to-action that help you attract ideal potential clients. Using traditional phone calls, texting, and landing pages we'll provide a variety of ways for you to connect with your listeners and bring them into your sales funnels.


Slight exaggeration. But seriously, you'll be surprised by the "wow factor" people have when they meet with you after hearing you on the radio. Prospects will feel like they already know you before you ever speak to them, breaking down that first important barrier to developing trust and a deeper, fruitful client relationship.


Although the radio landscape has changed and will continue to change, success stories still abound. Many of our clients are still on the air after starting their shows 5, 6, 7 years and even a decade ago.


Radio can help your other areas of marketing. Imagine a webinar, seminar or workshop attendee who has already heard your radio show. How much more primed to take action will they be?


Imagine being able to tell clients during a listing appointment that you'll be able to feature their home on your radio show and then being able to send them the on-air clip of you promoting it. A truly unique differentiator from the competition.

How It Works

Click play below to watch a video about how our process works and what you typically get in our radio package. Or click through the various highlights to read more.

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Every week, we’ll give you multiple topics, questions and starter answers to help fill out your show’s time. This includes access to our calls-to-action. All this saves you countless hours of prep time, so you can just show up and record. Oh, and for you financial folks, the content is written by a fellow advisor!

We provide you with a co-host to help you get comfortable with the process and to enhance the conversational style of the show. This gives you someone with whom you can banter, interact and engage. It makes doing the show easy and more fun for you and the listener.

We’ll help you pick the best equipment for your situation. Some setups cost as little as $150 while high-end equipment can run $2,500 for a professional rig. We know how to find that balance of quality & affordability and will walk you through the entire process. Most of our clients record from the comfort of their own home or office.

Our team will edit your show and eliminate the typical ums, ahs, mistakes & other distractions. We’ll mix all the elements together with custom music, liners and commercials to make it sound polished and professional. If you’re on multiple stations that all have different time formats, no problem. We’ll mix different versions for each station and then deliver the files to the stations for you.

We teach you best practices for sounding good on-air and also talk to you about how to best follow-up with leads. We’ll make sure you leverage as much as you can out of your radio venture.


The below package reflect pricing for an hourly weekly radio show. Packages can be customized to fit your needs!


A radio solution that's easy to execute.
$ 1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time commitment is about an hour per week. It shouldn’t take you long to prep for each show and when it’s time to record we get down to business and back off the microphone so you can continue on with your day.

We have a lot of experience working with various compliance departments. We’ll adapt to whatever your compliance folks require and are always happy to re-edit parts of a show if needed.

You own all the content you produce.

Most radio stations require a 3-month contract with a 4-week cancellation notice. We typically piggyback off that requirement, although we do encourage people to start a radio show with the idea they’re going to stick with it for a year to give it time to build momentum with listeners.

Not mandatory. In fact, we can discount your package if you want to record the show on your own. But having a co-host is heavily encouraged if it’s your first time hosting a radio show.

We can apply a small discount for the shorter weekly recording time.

Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send you a start-up checklist and begin working our way through that. We’ve launched a show once with only a day’s notice, but typically it takes 2-4 weeks to line up things with the radio station, get equipment, train you, and record the first show.

Most advisor shows consist of 4 main segments. They might be 10-12 minutes long each. We fill in gaps with fun features like Getting To Know You, The Financial Dictionary, In The News, and other creative elements. With fun liners, some commercials, an intro and disclaimer we’ll have no problem filling out the hour. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how fast the time goes by.

Our Real Estate show platform is awesome. Your show will likely be made up of many shorter segments. We typically have 3 main sections to talk about what’s happening locally in the market, answer listener questions and cover the main topic of the week. Then we have lots of short features like featured listings of the week, telling the stories of recent buyers and sellers, previewing upcoming community events, mortgage tips, and so much more. Your radio show is also a great opportunity to solidify relationships with your vendors. We can record batches of features with your inspection, staging, and attorney partners. Lots of creativity we can inject into the real estate shows.

Absolutely. Pair your radio show with one of our podcasting packages and get a great discount! AdvisorsRealtors

Duh. Of course. In fact, we have a prettttty sweet way of thanking you if someone you refer becomes a client.

Our monthly cost is for the production and execution of your show. You need to keep in mind you’ll have to buy the air time from radio stations. We’ll help guide you through that process. Stations can range anywhere from $50/week for an hour on a small station in a small market to several thousand per week on large stations in bigger markets. It all varies with the time of day your show airs and the size of the station. So it’s hard to give you an exact number, but typically our clients are spending between $3,000-5,000 per month for their all-in radio costs (us + the stations).

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