Video marketing is more important than ever for the success of a small business. You can use it on multiple platforms, in a variety of ways. It will increase your client engagement and potential client conversions. Video is one of the most effective ways to build trust in today’s digital world. Our turnkey platform will make it easy for you to establish and grow your video presence in the market.


There are numerous styles of video that can be executed as part of this service. Most tend to be straightforward and feature an advisor, solo, looking directly into the camera. Some, however, might incorporate a full screen chart or graphic, or perhaps a whiteboard illustration. You could also go “on the move” and change up your location, background, and angle from video to video. You might be in your office talking about annuity basics in one video and on a farm drawing some financial lesson from harvesting sweet potatoes in the next. We encourage you to have some varied approaches and let your creativity run wild!

One thing to keep in mind is that these packages are all about the video medium. So leverage that! Wherever you can sprinkle in additional visual components (props, a graph, change of scenery, etc…) the more your audience will connect with you and your message.


Getting started, as with many things in life, is the hardest part for a lot of people when they want to create a YouTube channel or video series for their website. Our onboarding process will simplify everything to help get you to launch day. Here’s what’s included…


Once all the prep work is complete, it’s time to start producing regular videos. We recommend starting with two per month to make sure you don’t tackle too much content out of the gate, but certainly have a weekly video option. Here’s a look at our comprehensive video package for financial advisors that includes the editing and so much more…


Video podcasts are great and becoming more popular each day. They’re a little bit different to execute than the packages described above. They’re typically a bit longer in length and feature some element of a co-host or additional guest on the show. There are also additional steps to creating the audio version of the podcast and distributing that element to various apps and web/social platforms. Our comprehensive two videos/month podcasting package is $1299/month. Check out our podcasting page for financial advisors for all the details about that package.


We recommend that most clients aim for 3-5 minute videos. If you need to go a little longer on a particular topic, that’s OK. Our pricing covers you up to 10 minutes/video before a reasonable hourly editing rate would need to kick in.

Yes. You can add to the included $100 budget as much as you like.

Our ads are targeted to an audience that’s customized to your unique specifications. And we take it a few steps further by putting the videos in front of people who are more likely to consume videos and who have overlapping interests with the video’s content to increase the efficiency of your spent dollars. And we run the ads through a master ad account so you don’t have to hassle with it. We’ll deliver you quarterly reports on ad performance.

We can adapt to meet certain compliance standards. And our packages include free revisions in the event of a needed tweak due to a compliance concern. Most clients also have us include some measure of a disclaimer at the end of each video.

You own all the content you produce. We won’t hold your files hostage or force you to take any videos down should you decide to stop the service at any time.

Yes. The only component missing would be the content ideas and intro scripts.


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