Does Editing Really Make A Difference?

Most advisors fall into one of two camps.

Folks in camp #1 are very confident in their speaking abilities. They’re great in front of a seminar crowd and might not even get nervous when speaking at a mastermind group in front of their peers. They tend to overlook the value of editing & production when it comes to their podcasts and radio shows.

People in camp #2 aren’t big fans of public speaking. They’d rather the intimacy of the one-on-one appointment and would love to have someone else handle the speaking roles when those situations arise. When it comes to podcasts or radio, they tend to think there’s no way they’d be able to sound good “on-air” and don’t even entertain the thought of beginning a venture like that.

Despite into which camp you fall (or even if you’re somewhere in the middle), there’s some good news.

Editing & audio production really does make a difference. Our editing philosophy isn’t to try to make you sound as polished as a sinner on Sunday.

It’s to try to limit distractions. We take out obvious ums, ahs and mistakes, but don’t want to edit so much that we lose your natural presence and conversational tone.

Most advisors are extremely surprised and pleased at how smooth their recordings turn out after our editing process. Here’s a really quick example…

Before editing…

After editing…

Notice how the file shrunk from 35 seconds to 19. We didn’t eliminate any of the essential information or message, but made it easier for the listener to understand. And it makes the advisor sound that much more professional to clients and prospects.

Sure, you might be tempted to be one of those folks that just whips out an iPhone and records a shaky video or an audio recording that sounds like it was done on a tin can. But keep in mind the professional image you’re trying to convey.

You can capture both the looseness and casual feel that a podcast should have, while still maintaining a professional and polished tone.

Editing and production is just one element of our podcasting service. In edition to editing out distractions, we level the sound so that it’s consistent throughout the episode and even with your host. We mix in music, intros, creative transitions and the necessary disclaimers. We post it online with attractive images (with the blog/podcast combo plan) and help manage the entire process from start to finish.

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