Podcast Equipment Breakdown

Intimidated by the idea of managing digital recording equipment?

If you get intimidated by a lot of technical equipment, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. But there’s good news. To have a podcast for your business, it really doesn’t require a ton of equipment.

In fact, a lot of the advisors we work with just use a simple microphone that plugs into your computer. That’s it. It sometimes looks like this

We’ll send you a link whenever it’s time for us to record. You click on it. And boom! We can hear each other and we’re off to the races. We handle the recording, so you don’t have to fiddle with any complicated software.

The best part is that it’s really affordable. We’re talking less than $200…

And for those of you who want the absolute best equipment for your podcast. We can help you get the perfect set-up. Like this one…

Just kidding. Although that would be pretty cool.

In reality, you can get awesome studio-quality sound from a set-up like this…

A higher-end solution like this runs around $2,500 for a two-person set-up. But we can also find some intermediate range solutions to fit your budget.

Helping you find the right equipment is just the beginning of our relationship. We also help coach you, provide content, a co-host, provide professional editing & even blogging and web services to round out your experience.

You can be set up within a few days and then execute your podcast with as little investment as one hour per month.

Ready to start?

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