Overcoming the Red Light Syndrome

More and more people are trying to add video content to their company’s content and marketing strategy, but not everyone feels comfortable when the camera turns on. It’s called the red light syndrome and it’s a mental hurdle that most people face when talking to a camera.

Today we bring on Third Wheel Media co-owner and video specialist Marc Killian to share some tips on overcoming nerves and becoming more comfortable on camera.

Listen for these key points:
1:20 – The challenge of talking on camera
2:25 – Marc’s background in video
3:58 – Evolution of media
5:10 – How common is red light syndrome?
6:34 – Quality of video
8:19 – Lean on your knowledge
9:22 – Tips Marc provides
12:03 – Tune your mind out
12:48 – Avoid looking at yourself on the screen
14:01 – Video services we provide

Learn more about the Third Wheel Media video solutions here: https://thirdwheelmedia.com/video/

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