Turn Your Podcast Into a Batch of New Content


Many people are surprised to learn that creating a podcast takes quite a bit of time and work to produce a professional product. You have to develop an idea, sit down and record the show, edit the episode, and then mix in any music before finally publishing the show.

With all the effort involved, you might as well take advantage of each episode by creating a batch of new content from the work you’ve already done. It might seem like an overwhelming amount of work to generate content for your website, social media, and newsletter, but podcasting makes it much easier.

On this episode, we’re going to tell you the easiest ways to take each podcast episode you record and create a bunch of content that can be shared across all of your different marketing channels.

Here’s some of what you’re going to learn in this episode:

  • What does the word ‘content’ actually mean and what are we talking about? (1:31)
  • What type of email should you be sending out to promote your podcast? (4:01)
  • The different social media graphics you should be creating around each episode. (6:13)
  • Pulling audio clips from your show to create audiograms. (10:01)
  • Maybe the most simple idea you can take to generate engagement around your podcast. (12:04)

If you have any questions about what we discussed or what to know more about how Third Wheel Media takes care of the entire podcasting process for clients, visit us online: https://thirdwheelmedia.com/.

Get in touch with the Third Wheel team via email —> info@thirdwheelmedia.com

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