How Radio + YouTube Led to a Million-Dollar Client

Business owners are always looking for marketing strategies that will provide stronger leads and better closing rates. For many of the professionals we work with, there aren’t many platforms that provide a better opportunity to showcase your personality, expertise, and services like broadcast mediums. We have a great example of how this all comes together…

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The Power of Video: Why You Should Utilize Video for Your Podcast

Are you looking to take your podcast to the next level? Incorporating video into your podcast could be the solution you’re looking for. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of utilizing video in your podcasting efforts. From engaging with visuals and expanding your audience to monetizing your podcast, video can help take your podcast…

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How Podcasting Has Changed an Estate Planning Business

Fresh off a trip to Nashville for an event with Great Legal Marketing, we're back in the office to sit down with one of the attorneys from the conference, Nick Rosenbauer. Nick is an attorney with an estate planning business in Ohio who began podcasting with Third Wheel Media a couple of years ago. What…

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Turn Your Podcast Into a Batch of New Content

  Many people are surprised to learn that creating a podcast takes quite a bit of time and work to produce a professional product. You have to develop an idea, sit down and record the show, edit the episode, and then mix in any music before finally publishing the show. With all the effort involved,…

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Overcoming the Red Light Syndrome

More and more people are trying to add video content to their company’s content and marketing strategy, but not everyone feels comfortable when the camera turns on. It’s called the red light syndrome and it’s a mental hurdle that most people face when talking to a camera. Today we bring on Third Wheel Media co-owner…

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4 Tips for Using Social Media for Podcasting

  Social media is a critical piece of any business these days but sometimes the biggest challenge is just knowing where to start. We see this all the time with business owners that want to launch a podcast. With so much on their plate already, finding the time to develop and execute a social media…

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Picking the Right Music for Your Show

Trying to find the right sound for your podcast might be one of the toughest part of creating a show but it also might be the most important. Music creates the energy and the vibe for the podcast and it’s usually the first thing a listener will hear when they find your show. So you…

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It’s Not Just One Thing

When it comes to successful marketing, it’s never just one thing that you can point to and give the credit to. People find you and your business through a variety of channels and often times those channels are working together in some form or fashion. Or better yet, someone might say they heard you or…

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Five Podcasting Goals for 2022

Ben George and Walter Storholt kick off the podcast with a conversation to start the new year. With clients always looking for ways to improve their podcasts, let’s share five ways to do that. Each of these is easily achievable over the course of the year and will help add a little more sizzle to…

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